Cloud Mining origins, comparison and discount

Sha256, x11 and Ethereum cloud mining
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Get started with crypto-currency mining

So you decided to get started mining crypto-currencies, here is the how to. The steps will basically be the same for every coin.

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Choose a wallet

Upon installation your wallet will synchronize with the blockchain (the list of all the bitcoin transactions). It can take a while and cannot be skipped.

From this install you will get a bitcoin address that you can use to send or receive bitcoin.

Now you need to create an account at Genesis Mining and choose your hashpower. The bigger the hashpower, the bigger the daily payout.

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Before you can order you will need to provide a bitcoin address for the payout; luckily we just took care of that when we installed a wallet.


Choose your coin

There are many coins available, all of which work the same way as we saw bitcoin did. The technology however is not the same, it is called Scrypt mining.

Scrypt mining was invented when Asic miners took over the bitcoin mining. The idea was that the process be harder to replicate into a dedicated miner. That is why the MH/s is more expensive today.

While ordering your hashpower you will be able to choose how much sha-256 (bitcoin) and how much scrypt (altcoins) hashpower you want to purchase. Again, the bigger the hashpower, the bigger the daily payout. And again, you can get a 3% discount with the promo code Kmruk2 on any order.

You can mine several altcoins at the same time by distribution your hashpower among the coins you are interested in.

Every altcoin has a website with links to their wallets applications; most of them also have an Android and IOS wallet available.

Finally you can decide to let Genesis Mining decide what to mine wth your hashpower and they will convert it themselves to Bitcoin.